My review of Animal Crossing New Leaf


Hello every one so like I said on my other blog Popcornandjellybeans I got Animal Crossing new leaf and it time to review it!

So the general info is that AC is that it’s made by Nintendo and the release years for Japan and America are November 8, 2013 for Japan and June 14 2013 for America. It’s the fourth main title AC game.

Now that we have that out-of-the-way I think this game is well… um… something. It is defeating made for a younger audience but I still know lots of adults play which is fine. But the games main future are you run a town and give all your stuff to the town or to Tom Nook? I mean this is a nice game graphically and it could hold people for a while but I tink also why I don’t like it is because I played lots of summations I play the Sims Harvest Moon and Tomdicha life before AC and I kept hearing great reviews so I built it up to all of those games and when I played it I was like um no. But also it has enjoy stuff once you build a town up because I played a nice town before I got the game so when I just started I was well sad and building the town up is so long and boring! But all the Towns people make it a joyfully funny place.

Well to finish it off I give Animal Crossing new leaf a 3.5 for being a good game once you build it up and also a the towns people.

So what do you thing of New Leaf I would like to here why you like or dislike it.


Harvest Moon Game Boy

Hello everyone I wanted to thank every one that followers my blog popcornandjellybeans I have now 15 followers wich is big to me. So now I am working on redoing this blog.

Harvest Moon is a farm Sim made by Nintendo its popular to some people. So I am going to be talking about the game boy  versions there are three and to shorten Harvest Hoon I will refer to it as HM.

In HM one your dead grand father asks you to take care of his farm and checks in on you ever year. In HM two the mayor asks you and in three the same thing but you get the diffident  sex helper.

In HM three the farm is your fathers but he died and also on the same game they work a dating sim in to it also and I every other game.

So in harvest moon 3 you can have kids and your dad owned the farm so maybe if we start off on 3 this is what we get.

1. your dad dies

2. you start working on HIS farm

3. you have kids

4. you move to a new farm by your self to save it.

5. your first farm changes over long periods of time

6. you die

7. Your dad asked you kid to take over the farm.

That’s all I have this week on Mk109 Check out my other blog Popcornandjelly beans and come back next week for more games.


My opinion of avengers 2

Second post! 🙂 😉


Hello everyone this blog is a big hit! So I was thinking of one to post so I am going to post on Tuesdays and Sundays from now. So for my next post I was thing of doing what to think Advengers Two Age Of Ultron is going to be like. I am no expert I only know a little but it follows the movie them so let roll film.

Ultron is a robot made by Hank Pym aka Ant Man aka Yellow Jacket aka lots is Aka’ s. So he makes Ultron for peace and stuff. But then Ultron gets the idea that humanity has failed in peace and no violence so he try to blow up the world. Plan fails and he’s dead we think and then Ultron becomes a big villain for the Advengers even marking Vision the ghost robot thing. So in a simpler way a…

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My first post on this blog

This is my first blog on my blog.


Hello everyone sorry for not posting for a bit. My first post is going to be a movie review of the Advengers. This movie is the big shot for 2012 and it did live up to it. So now I am going to you in my opinion why. With out spoiler so I will leave out a lot.

One thing that made this movie a hit is no back stories instead we have everyone has their own movie then come together. One other thing is that they have them all fighting then saving the world. The end part did give me a idea on Advengers two.

That was my review I give it five stars. If you want to comment on any thin or any thing I missed then please be my guest.

My next post is going to be a prediction on the next marvel movies Advengers two and…

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My new blog is here

Hello everyone this is Mk109.   so in  this blog new is going to be all about movie reviews it also is going to be my new main blog as more people watch movies then play video games.

so I have this poll on what movie do you want me to review.

and I will blog for Friday and Tuesday.

you can check it out on http://www.popcornandjellybeans.wordpress.com


New Blog

So I was thinking and I would like to do a blog on movies and tv shows ans such so as soon as I can I an going to make a whole new blog and do it that way I will link the blog for the first weeks. Also my first review is probably going to be the avengers and maybe what I think the second one will be like in my own opinion.


New Blog

Hello everyone  I was thinking and my blog does not have that many followers or likes or like five at the most. So I have this poll and I am doing this post on my P.C this time. so answer this poll it means a lot to me and if you have any other suggestions you can comment.


thank and forever